What’s going on in the woods….

Fountains Wood Fountains Wood borders the southern edge of the estate – across the river on the far side of the attenuation ponds.  Longer-term residents will recall this is where many residents used to walk dogs and enjoy what is a lovely area of natural woodland.  More recently the woods have been fenced off with […]

The Beeches/Foundry Gardens Green Spaces

Nice to see more people walking around the estate and making good use of the green spaces – seen quite a few toddlers practicing their walking around the oak trees – cute. It is a worry that one of the benches by Old House Lane has been vandalised. There is a requirement under disability legislation […]


Today we met our new Estate Manager. Read here about what we achieved. Last updated 26/11/20 Today we met our new estate manager along with her line manager Robert Marsh for a walk around the Beeches and Foundry Gardens estate.  We covered a lot of ground and many matters were discussed but two major steps […]


Who is responsible for running our estate and how is the estate charge set? Last updated 10/11/20 The most commonly asked questions on our estate are “Who is running the estate and how is the estate charge set?”   Until both phases of the estate are completed the management of our estate remains the responsibility […]


None of the roads on the estate have been handed over to the West Sussex Highways Authority so who is responsible for our roads? Last updated 10/11/20 Today, none of the roads on the estate have been handed over to the West Sussex Highways Authority – they remain the responsibility of the developers and are […]

Account Distribution 2019

The accounts for the year ending Dec 2019 were distributed in October. Two items in particular have caught peoples eyes, an expense of £3400 on playground maintenance and nearly £4000 on tree surgery. The official response of HML on the playground maintenance:  “Crest have documents showing the safe install of equipment dated May 2017, with […]