Who is responsible for running our estate and how is the estate charge set?

Last updated 10/11/20

The most commonly asked questions on our estate are “Who is running the estate and how is the estate charge set?”  

Until both phases of the estate are completed the management of our estate remains the responsibility the Developers – Crest Nicholson and Countryside.   The Beeches Residents Management Company is up and running but the developers have appointed their own directors to manage the Company.  Residents have had no input or influence on these directors’ appointments. 

The day to day management of the estate is by HML who are appointed by the directors of the Residents Management Company – again with no input from the residents.  The directors can change this appointment if they wish but haven’t done so to date.  The costs of running the estate are paid by the residents under the estate management charge.

Residents who have purchased their homes on the estate automatically become members of the Beeches Residents Management Company. When the developers decide to give up control of the Beeches Residents Management Company, new directors will be appointed from the resident members of the company and the existing directors will resign.  From that day on the responsibility for the management of the estate including setting the estate management charges will rest with the directors who are residents on the estate.  The costs will continue to be recovered under the estate management charge as now.

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