Today we met our new Estate Manager. Read here about what we achieved.

Last updated 26/11/20

Today we met our new estate manager along with her line manager Robert Marsh for a walk around the Beeches and Foundry Gardens estate.  We covered a lot of ground and many matters were discussed but two major steps forward were made.  

In future HML has agreed to invite one of the residents’ group to inspect any completed works that Countryside intends to hand over to the care of the Management Company.  This is an important breakthrough.  It gives the residents an opportunity to list work that’s incomplete or unacceptable before residents become liable for the cost of maintenance. 

We talked about some costs that were included in the supplementary charge issued to residents a few weeks ago – like “playground equipment” and “tree surgery.”  We challenged these costs and complained that residents were not consulted on either of these expenditures in advance.  HML has agreed that in future they will advise the residents group of any such matters before they are committed to, giving us the opportunity to comment on whether we agree that these costs are actually necessary.  Another great step forward.

On the issue of the three attenuation ponds towards the south of the estate – HML understand that these are to be handed over to the residents management company soon.  This is disappointing because they could be expensive to maintain.  It was never clear whether these were to become the residents’ responsibility or whether they were down to Southern Water.  Now we’re clear and if anyone has any issues with this or knows of any outstanding work in that area (like removing redundant fence posts, etc.) then please let us know by email at

Other matters were discussed like the bin in the Pullman Avenue playground that’s never emptied.  HML has agreed to have the bin removed.

We discussed road safety and emphasized how important it was to have the white lines painted on phase 2 roads to control speed.  HML agreed that this was essential and they will talk to Countryside.

Of course we hope that HML will keep to the undertakings given today and the residents group will continue to chase the many outstanding issues that we have on our list.  Time will tell!

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