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Solar PV @ The Beeches

The Beeches Life community are looking at ways to promote renewable sources of energy. These include solar photovoltaic energy systems that generate free environmentally friendly electricity.

Solar Power – becoming energy neutral isn’t that expensive

Or at least as expensive it used to be. The new trend in the household energy market is grid-trading smart batteries. In short, these batteries will collect solar power during daytime to support your consumption day and night but in case there’s a demand surge your battery would sell at a higher price making you a little ££ extra money. This money is tax free. The end goal with household energy production is still to become energy independent and not necessarily turn this into a profit making business. This is also kind of dictated by the fact that your smart battery can’t trade over a specific amount of kilowatts per day.

Let me start with saying that what you’ll read here is product of my own research which I’ve done for installing solar panels in my own roof. This isn’t a professional information and you should always seek a consultation with an expert to give you specific figures for your own property.

Read the PDF to find out more about the options available

Interested in Solar PV for your home?

We’re currently pulling together a collective of households that are interested in a complete installation (solar panels, inverter, smart battery), so if you are interested please complete the form below.

Keeping communal areas tidy


Here are some basics statistics to get you thinking:

  • 30 million tonnes of litter is collected from the streets of the UK annually
  • 99% of all towns and villages have cigarette litter
  • £56,000,000 is spent annually clearing chewing gum
  • Local authorities spend £1 billion annually clearing litter, this represents:
    • 33,000 NHS nurses or
    • 32,000 Firefights or
    • 38,000 Social care workers


Please try not to drop litter, take it home if you’re not near a bin.

Litter is one of the first signs of social decay. If we don’t care about litter on our streets, we are unlikely to care about other environmental issues.

Do your bit to help the planet


The contents of most wheelie bins from The Beeches are sent to landfill sites each month when it could be recycled. Each household can make a difference by just thinking differently – one piece at a time.

In a one month survey, 10% of recycling bins were not emptied because they had the wrong items in them. This is a key issue that we must address over time.

There’s plenty of places to find out if you’re doing it right.

Burgess Hill Household Recycling Site and Recycle for West Sussex provide relevant information about what can and cannot be recycled.

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